Compulsion Book Report

Topics: Leopold and Loeb, Criminology, A Story Pages: 3 (1324 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Has book ever moved you by a sequence of events formed together in few chapters? As I read the book Compulsion from chapter 1-5, I saw this image of a train with a man throwing 10,000 dollars across this train with people coming in and out, not knowing who to suspect as the kidnapper but clearly see it in your mind, the readers mind and knowing you cannot do anything about it leaving you hope of a sense humanity from the characters involved by giving you you’re love, you’re son. The words and imagery of this book caught my eye and mind from the moment I started reading it. A story of pain, crime without motive, and compulsion. This book was about the story of two young men whom Mr. Levin (the author) calls Artie Strauss and Judd Steiner. They commit the crime of the century as said in the book when they kidnap Bobby Franks, son of one richest men at that time. As they committed the crime they honestly had no motive other than to prove their intellectual superiority by committing the perfect crime. The ironic part was they were already wealthy and brilliant in college and had a lot going for them. They were uncovered by the nineteen year old journalist who uncovered a pair of eye glasses on the victim who hadn’t worn any. How would you feel as you jump into the lives of two brilliant college students, who are wealthy but commit an act of “pure” criminality? When I say “jump into,” I mean to say flip and turn the pages of the book Compulsion which was made into this story that had a basis real life crime and trial. A work of fiction by the brilliant Meyer Levin with masses of truth, and formed into something so dark, but keeps your mind awake. Furthermore when I say “pure criminality,” I mean to say these young men had no motives, so why do it? That was what hooked me on. Would you read it? Well I read it and it changed me. It changed me as a reader and writer and I recommend this book to all of my peers because of the raw emotions depicted in each chapter and...
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