Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks

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Standard for Compressed Stabilized Earth blocks: AS-1:2007

March, 2007

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Standard for Compressed Stabilized Earth blocks: AS-1:2007



In creation of this document, numerous standards have been consulted and referred to from leading national institutions focused on compressed earth block technology. These include: GTZ in Germany; a series of institutions in India, including the Aureville Earth Institute; the Uniform Building Code in the United States and the various modified renditions of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California; and, Australia. Amongst these standards there is a common theme amongst them that outlines specific minimum values for various stabilized soil block performance criteria. In particular, the standard created through a joint effort between the Center for the Development of Industry (CDI), Belgium and CRATerre, France entitled ‘Compressed Earth Blocks’ has been a valuable reference and has formed the basis for the following outlined standard. 1.1 Object

The aim of the present standard is to define compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB’s), to classify them according to their appearance, their conditions of use, and to determine the categories into which they fall as well as their designation. 1.2 Field of application

The standard applies exclusively to CSEB’s stabilized with AnyWay’s Soil BlockTM that are intended for the realization of simple built structures in common masonry with mortar joints and of a similar built structure. The standard does not apply to CSEB’s used for flooring or tiling, nor to CSEB’s designed to be assembled dry, interlocking, using glue, or used in reinforced masonry. 1.3 Definitions

To designate the specific product which is the object of this standard, the term “compressed stabilized earth blocks” (CSEB’s) has been adopted. It should be noted, however, that the literature abounds with other designations, all referring to the same product: stabilized soil blocks (SSB’s), pressed soil bricks/blocks, etc. Compressed stabilized earth blocks are masonry elements, which are small in size, which have regular and verified characteristics obtained by the static or dynamic compression of earth in a humid sate followed by immediate de-moulding.

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Compressed stabilized earth blocks generally have a rectangular format and are full or perforated with vertical and/or horizontal indentations. Compressed stabilized earth blocks are principally made from earth and owe their cohesion in a humid or dry state to the interaction of AnyWay’s Soil BlockTM with the various soil fractions, principally clay. The final characteristics of the CSEB’s depend on the quality of the raw material (natural soil) used and on the quality of the execution of the various manufacturing stages (preparation, mixing, compression, curing).


Classification depending on field of use
Mechanical constraints

Mechanical constraints are defined according to three (3) categories of resistence: Category 1: Structural elements which are not load-bearing and structural elements capable of withstanding limited external loads. Example: boundary wall; single storey building. Structural elements capable of withstanding important external loads. Example: a two-storey building. Structural elements capable of withstanding high external loads. Example: a three storey building.

Category 2:

Category 3:

2.2 Environmental constraints These are defined according to four (4) categories of environment Category DR: Structural elements located in a dry environment with no danger of being wet. Example: internal partitions; external walls which are not exposed or which are protected from water damage. Category WL: Structural elements capable of withstanding water damage by lateral spraying. Example: lateral walls exposed to rain; bathroom walls being splashed. Category WV: Structural elements capable of withstanding water damage...
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