Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Topics: Anger, Family, Family therapy Pages: 5 (1376 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Identifying Information
D.O.B.  March 17th 2002
D.O.A.  December 9th 2011
SERVICE: Residential Treatment
DATE OF REPORT:  December 09, 2011
FAMILY MEMBERS: Lanyard Neal (father, age 38); Jacqueline Neal (mother, age 35); Michael Neal (Brother, age 8)REFERRAL SOURCE: Anthony & Jacqueline Neal REPORT CONTRIBUTORS: Jacqueline Lewis and Lanyard Neal - parents; Michael Neal – brother; Anthony Neal - identified client; Mrs. Lucille Bird – Grade 4 teacher; Dr. Pearl - Psychologist at the Hospital for Sick Children Toronto; John Hastings – Anthony’s primary worker at The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre; Susan Morales – social worker at Hincks-Dellcrest; Dr. Peter Hennings – psychologist at Hincks-Dellcrest; Dr. Roberta Flack psychiatrist at Hincks – Dellcrest House staff at Hincks - Dellcrest PRESENTING PROBLEMS

According to Anthony’s parents, Anthony was diagnosed with anger management problems in December of 2011 when parents report receiving a phone call from the principal of Anthony’s school. Upon arrival at the school the parents observed the parking lot full of police cars and the evacuation of Anthony’s classroom. In an angry outburst Anthony had vandalized the room, completely destroying everything. According to the principal and teacher, Anthony had had an argument about a missing baseball glove with a peer early that day, and the peer had called him a thief while passing by his classroom with friends later that day. Anthony was restrained and brought to The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for treatment. Anthony’s parents report having behavioral problems with Anthony at home and at school since last year when his father lost his job and the family had to move to a low income neighborhood. Anthony and his brother were enrolled into a new school were Anthony had trouble making friends. According to his parents he is aggressive and confrontational and has broken items in the home during his angry episodes. Anthony has seen his pediatrician several times because of his constant complaints of headaches, and abdominal pain, and they noticed that he seemed very anxious and excitable. Anthony has had a history of anger management problems and is in a special behavioral program at his school which he is teased about by the other children. This teasing increases his angry outbursts and leaves him unable to stay focused and comprehend the material being taught in class. Of primary concern to Anthony’s parents are the recent and past incidents of violence. Anthony’s parent’s report that Anthony loses control very quickly and lashes out in angry rages of which he claims he cannot control. Anthony has hurt his younger brother by throwing a television remote at him, and his parents are concerned that Anthony could seriously hurt someone in the home. Other than the regular verbal confrontations with the family, incidents of angry outbursts include: •    December 9 2011 – Threw television remote at younger brother which struck him in the nose and caused bleeding. •    December 10 2011 – Did not get the video game he wanted for his Birthday, and in retaliation smashed all the remaining video games in the house. When his brother tried to stop him he punched his brother in the stomach. •    December 2011 – Verbally abusive to mother and threw several plates onto the floor smashing them. •    December 12 2011 - Vandalized classroom in angry rage. With his parents and Anthony’s authorization Anthony is now residing at The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre in Toronto, in the short term Residential Treatment Services. HISTORY OF CURRENT DIFFICULTIES

Anthony’s parents report they are concerned about Anthony’s uncontrollable anger. They believe that if his violent angry outbursts continue, he will endanger the safety of the family. Because of this concern, Anthony’s parents referred him to The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre. Anthony’s brother has stated that Anthony’s attacks on him have left him worried and afraid that he...
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