Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Topics: Want, Emotion, Need Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: September 19, 2012
University of Phoenix
Field Experience III
BSHS 491
Comprehensive Treatment Plan
LaTosha Clark
August 16, 2012
Instructor: Carla Franco

Allison has been in foster care for most of her life. Allison ran away from home because of verbal and physical abuse when she was ten years old from her adopted family and now Allison is 20 years and homeless and needing somewhere to stay and fortunately she was approved to live at Penny Lane in the transitional housing program. Her strengths are by surviving with street smarts like pan handling, prostitution, acting tough and courageous. Her assets are her to be cunning and clever to anyone to get the things that she desires and needs. Hopefully the program at Penny Lane will help her to seek a better future for herself. I hope she will completely turn away from the street life to a more productive social and recreational environment. I’m trying to establish trust with Allison so she can be open about her lifestyle and the changes she is willing to make. The constant abuse which she endured has crippled her lifestyle in some ways for a long time. Allison will get on the right tract with the help we can offer her at Penny Lane. Allison needs me to understand her feelings, thoughts and emotions and how important she feels about her circumstances. I want her to be able to feel totally comfortable with me to assure Allison keeps an open dialog with me and not shut down verbally. Talking to Allison and not at her is extremely important because I don’t want to mimic her parents. Having compassion for her and not biases is also essential while communication is going forth. I want to assess if she is bipolar, ADHD, manic depressed.

Allison needs to have a safe place to feel like she belongs. Allison will be assigned a case manager and therapist at Penny Lane. Penny Lane also has weekly life skills courses which can help make plans and goals for her future. Penny Lane will assist her with getting into vocational...
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