Comprehensive Plan to Improve Human Resources

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Whole Foods Market
Comprehensive Plan to Improve the Quality of Selected Human Resource Management Practices

Table of Contents
Whole Foods Market: Introduction4
Whole Foods Market: The Organization4
Whole Foods Market: Challenges and Opportunities5
Whole Foods Market: Human Resource Management Strategies6
Whole Foods Market: Recommended Strategies for Improvement8
Whole Foods Market: Plan Evaluation and Measurements10
Whole Foods Market: Conclusion10

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Whole Foods Market: Introduction
Whole Foods Market- a company that doesn’t think of itself as a company, but as a community of people working to make a difference in the world. At Whole Foods, the mission matters as much as the bottom line. But who is Whole Foods Market, and how does their Human Resource Management (HRM) play a role in the development of their culture or work environment?

This comprehensive plan will describe Whole Foods Market’s history and the challenges and/or opportunities of the company. It will explore the effectiveness of the organizations current human resource practices with regard to the employees and describe strategies to improve the quality of those practices. Additionally, the impact of implementing the strategic improvements and how the organization would measure success upon implementation will be discussed. Whole Foods Market: The Organization

Whole Foods Market is the world’s leader in natural and organic foods. With more than 270 stores in North America and the United Kingdom, the organization seeks out the best natural and organic foods obtainable; while preserving better-quality standards in the industry. According to Porter and Kramer (2009), the intention of the organization is to sell organic, natural, and healthy food products to its consumers who are passionate about food and the environment. Whole Foods Market focuses on unrefined foods, health and nutrition. They are definitely not like any other grocery store. Their ultimate goal is to become an international brand identical with not just natural and organic goods, but also with being the greatest food retailer in every community in which they are located. Therefore, Whole Foods Market must purposefully plan and assess the marketing of its goods according to the demand of the customers (Whole Foods Market, n.d).

For the last thirteen years, team members at Whole Foods Market, named their company as one of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to work for.” In 2010, they were ranked number eighteen. Whole Foods is acknowledged for its team-based operations and employee-oriented work culture, which are considered to be the foundations of its development and success within the industry (Whole Foods Market, n.d.). Whole Foods Market takes pride in setting themselves apart from their competitors within the industry.

No matter how much the company excels in size or makes changes to the organization, the organization supports change by establishing and maintaining seven core values. According to Whole Foods Market (n.d), the core values are “selling the highest quality of natural and organic products available, satisfying and delighting customers, supporting team member happiness and excellence, creating wealth through profit and growth, caring about the community and environment, creating an ongoing win-win partnership with suppliers, and promoting the health of stakeholders through healthy eating education.” Included in these core values are open communication and transparency, education and training, and staff empowerment. No matter how large a company Whole Foods Market becomes, they preserve what makes them unique through these core values. Whole Foods Market: Challenges and Opportunities

As with many organizations, the past economic down turn has caused many organizations to face a lot of...
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