Comprehensive Grammar Checkpoint Answer Key

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  • Published : April 14, 2012
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Appendix F

Grading Guide

Using Appendix F, students complete the CheckPoint. Advise students to post their answers to the Individual forum by Day 4.

Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Answer Key
|Item |Correct Answer |Rationale | | |(A or B) | | |1. |B |The first sentence is a gender stereotype. Many nurses are women, but some nurses are men. | |2. |A |The second sentence implies girls are not very good at math, which is a gender stereotype. In | | | |fact, many girls do quite well in math. | |3. |B | The first sentence implies surprise at meeting a nice Muslim, which stereotypes people of the | | | |Islamic faith. | |4. |B |The district attorney’s country of origin is not necessary to the meaning of the sentence. | |5. |A |The child’s age explains why the counseling was necessary. | |6. |B |The knowledge level of the person, not his or her age, is important. The first sentence implies | | | |only younger people are knowledgeable about technology. | |7. |A |The child’s hearing impairment explains the need for special accommodations on the field trip. | |8. |B |The first sentence implies all Japanese people eat raw fish and that eating raw fish is bad. | |9. |B |Sentence A contains a fragment (incomplete sentence)....
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