Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Paper

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Running head: Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Paper

Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Paper
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August 31, 2009

Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Paper
Despite the recent setbacks for its image, the United States has by far the largest influence in the region. During 2007, China supplied over two-thirds of computers exported to the U.S. from the six major trading nations. In fact, China contributed to $23.2 billion (76.7% ) of U.S. computer imports. It should not, however, take its influence in the region for granted, if China is to continue to position itself as an Asia Pacific power. Its influence in the region cannot be maintained by economic and military supremacy alone. East Asia is going through historic geopolitical changes due to the rise of China. Political interest in the vision of an East Asian community suggests that the region is in search of a new order to accommodate China’s growing power and influence and to maintain regional peace and stability. In no way is this an easy enterprise. Asian countries tend to suffer from domestic political difficulties in economic liberalization, large gaps in developmental stages among regional economies, and mutual distrust and historical antagonism between Japan and China. Despite these difficulties, however, there is a growing consensus that, eventually, East Asian countries will come up with some form of a regional community.

Regional alliances and economic integration

East Asian economic integration will help reduce regional tension and lighten America's security burden in the region. Economic integration will engage regional powers in stable regional interdependence where one's prosperity is in the interest of others, and make them more predictable and reliable to each other. Successful development of poorer countries in Asia through integration in regional economic dynamism will help political stability and reduce the possibility that these countries will become hotbeds of terrorism.

Regional: Physical environment and its effect on trade
Asia’s physical environment has a big affect on trade in a couple of ways. First the weather in Asia as a region is very unpredictable. Having unpredictable weather or catastrophic events can have a major impact on a business because companies could lose physical property, manufacturing time, or products which would result in financial loss. The air quality within the cities of Asia is poor and is known for creating health issues among the individuals living in that area. Production can be affected if employees are out sick and away from their jobs. Air pollution and an unclean environment only somewhat effects trade; however an organization can easily open up a factory there as well with cheap labor and weak environmental laws. Many foreign companies have placed their factories in China with a great deal of success because of the ability to hire cheap labor and to run their factories without many regulations. Regional Political Stability

The political stability of China seems precarious at best. “While the US relies on free markets and free societies as the basis for contemporary socioeconomic and political movement, China focuses on stability as the essence of its foreign policy” (Cheow, 2006). China has often been fueled by propaganda but in recent years, China’s top political leaders have begun to stress how important stability is with all people throughout their country. This includes all people from all backgrounds. China’s political stability has helped to fuel economic growth throughout the country. Regional Social, Health, and Environmental Conditions

“Chinese workers remain among the lowest paid in the world. The average total labor compensation for a Chinese manufacturing worker is 57 cents per hour, with many making far less than that, benefits included” (McCormack, 2006). This translates to approximately $104 per...
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