Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan (Benchmark Assessment)

Grand Canyon University
EDU 225

Comprehension Classroom Technology Plan (Benchmark Assessment)

Technology is so much fun…the fog of information can drive our knowledge. (Boorstein)


To amplify the benefits of using technology at the point of instruction while weighing the dangers students can face from its use. To show how the young minds of students can be stimulated and educated on safe, effective use of technology within the classroom environment. This visions shows how integrated technological use will provide educators the opportunity to seize each open window of opportunity to provide students with visual aids to increase learning levels and understanding in each core subject topic that will ultimately help students classroom and social performance.

To combine core educational requirements with the use of that of digital technological knowledge (integration literacy) to bring about enhanced outcomes of students’; which will allow students to reach desired levels or goals expected by educators and the agencies of interest while improving their communication, ethics and social performance as these students participate in various aspects of technology use for learning. COMMUNICATION

To implement and utilize an effective plan that will exhibit proper use of communication tools for students to use which will benefit their development as individuals within the classroom environment by making substantial use of such communication tools for learning, social interaction and peer collaboration by way of the ever shrinking global community. Students who will be taught to employ proper use of integrated technology tools for communication will learn to create certain associations that will also connect to subject topics and retain information easier in this era of saved data. Communication tools are a privilege that will always entail reminders of what the proper use of social sites on the World Wide Web is and how the improper use can lead to dangers such as identity theft, abduction and even death. Understanding that everyone communicating does not have respectable or good intentions toward others, especially young students, education on communication is very necessary to ward off any unforeseen predators that would jeopardize the intended safety of students and cause serious violation of future communications. Students will communicate as a group or on an individual basis on installed readily available programs that support an interactive partnership provided by prescribed software and the local entities for collaboration on safety that can also be made available to concerned parents by including certain contact information (links) on a self produced class website. Websites for classroom communities will stimulate parental involvement and perhaps participation in support of student appropriate use of technology and education. “Findings suggest that technologies with readily accessible and interactive resources that are flexible can help develop parental engagement … such as the use of websites and email can provide opportunities for quick wins.” (Lewin, 2010) INSTRUCTION (HARDWARE)

Classroom technological devices will consist of instructional hardware for student use that will enable students to use educational programs within the classroom environment. Technology such as standard stationary desk top computers, convenient mobile notebook style computers and other communication devices can be made available for student use within a prescribed area of the classroom or of the school, such as a media / communication center. Students can learn to identify, differentiate and treat with care the instructional hardware that will need to serve many students within the school for possibly a number of years. This based on school budgets that may or may not be prepared to replace such hardware with ease. Students today who are born...
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