Comprehensive Classroom Tech Plan

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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hGrand Canyon University

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Tabitha Garcia

Grand Canyon University

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Tabitha Garcia

Tabitha Garcia
EDU 225
March 31, 2013
Dr. Howard Janoff

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
i. Vision and Mission Statements and Rationale
ii. Communications Plan
iii. Integrating Instructional Technology
iv. Software to Support Assessment
v. Technology Ethics in the Classroom
vi. Conclusion

Section One:
Mission statement
* To inspire and motive the youth of our nation into become productive and responsible adults. I plan to do this by making sure they contribute to their intellectual, academic, and cultural experiences through instruction. I plan to bring technology into my classroom and have my students become technology literate and motivate them to learn. I plan to do this and help them live a fulfilled life. Vision statement

* I want all my students to have access to the best possible technology available, which will allow them to be proficient in writing, mathematics, and reading. I want to be able to prepare my students to be successful in their current objectives and their next level of education. They need to be successful at attaining the skills that are required in today’s work force. In addition, I want to collaborate with others in the school and community, in order to give the students the best possible education. As well, for them to reach their full potential in school and all endeavors they take on in their lives. Rationale

As a teacher in the 21st century, it has become even more important to utilize technology and to make learning more effectively. We have to be able to make technology available in all areas of our classroom and all areas of the instructional process. The use of technology can help the students be more creative and complex thinkers, as well being self-directed learners. They will always need our guidance and support but we need to teach them how to be self-aware and critical thinkers. If we are able to incorporate technology successfully into our classrooms, we will be able to prepare our students to succeed in their chosen field and become a competitive part of our technology driven world. With all the help all these new devices provide us, our classrooms will turn into a very extraordinary place to learn.

Section Two:
Communications Plan
How can technology be used to communicate in a classroom setting? It seems quite easy when you think about it; there are computers and tablets that seem handy for the teachers and students to interact with applications for education and possibly other students in other areas. I like the possibility of being able to email parents when there is a concern with their child. I think the ability to email them to show late assignments and appointments or services needed for their children can be an easy tool to use and in ways more convenient. I say this because with all the advancements in technology their emails most likely are sent to their phones, so they are notified immediately. As I look at the list that has been provided for examples I cannot help but think that I have already thought of many of these items and just did not realize they were already being used. I like the fact that pen pals have been updated to e-pals. I would assume that this is the difference between written letters to emails. I know internet security can be a major issue with the online environment. The concerns with online security include “risks and raised ethical issues for students of all grades, as it has created many opportunities for illegal, inappropriate and unsafe behavior among all participants” (Butler, 2010). There is an increasing need for educators to teach their students how to be responsible in the digital world inside and outside of school. “Some districts are incorporating lessons on Internet safety and...
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