Comprehensive Case Analysis for Samsung Tablet Division

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Comprehensive Case Analysis for Samsung Tablet Division
Angela Fitch
BUS490, Professor Garwon
May 4, 2012

For my comprehensive case analysis I picked Samsung Tablet division. When I googled companies that weren’t doing so well in the market currently to my surprise Samsung Tablet division came up. I year ago I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7for my husband and we are very pleased with the product and its capabilities. I chose this one over the IPad because of its size and the fact that it had Microsoft office which my husband needed for school. When I saw this division wasn’t doing well I wanted to know why? Samsung has been trying with very little success to compete with Apple in the tablet market. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Samsung’s executive Hankil Yoon said that the company is “nit doing very well in the tablet market” (McCracken, 2012). This can lead one to believe the thought their tablets would have close to the market share that Apple does but this hasn’t happened yet.

Comprehensive Case Analysis of Samsung’s Tablet Division
1. Identify the firm’s existing objectives and strategies. Samsung has been in business for over seventy years. Its key objectives as a company are to be innovative and create reliable, superior, quality high tech products in order to better the global society (About Samsung, 1995-2010). Another one of the company’s objectives is clearly stated in their vision, “Inspire the world, Create the future.” With objectives like these and the track record that Samsung has overall, this would cause you to wonder why they are performing as well as you would expect in the tablet division. One of the current strategies that Samsung has is the phone tablet. Because the sales were down in the tablet division they realized they had to come up with something innovative and new or totally get out of that market altogether. So Samsung created the Samsung Galaxy Note (Yang, 2012). This in my opinion was a...
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