Comprares and Contrast the Essays of Hurston and Baldwin

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Typography, African American Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Explaining more deep into their problems will help us what they mean. Both writers had different attitudes of life, everyone writing by their own font. Hurston used Italic font to give the readers more emphasis and also increase the intensity of the situation, and Baldwin used Bolded font to give the reader a straight message of society. The poem “How it feels to be colored me,” if you feel uncertain that Hurston is asserting her pride in her ethnicity, then you have gotten her message! Throughout the essay she points to her feelings of being herself, and individual, much more that she feels a member of a specific race, or “granddaughter to slaves.” She does mention instances when she “feels colored,” but her strongest experiences of being fully alive are when she swings down the boulevard in Harlem, charged by the adventure of being young and strong and “the eternal feminine,” an inner-circle member of the family of humankind. She even states that she does not feel particularly American –nothing that specific, even though she was born here- but part of something much greater. That ardor of belonging to the winder world, and being at home in it, is more central to who she is that the labels or culture of any one ethnicity. She also was a fun-lover and optimist towards life and in the other hand Baldwin with the poem "The Letter to My Nephew” has a deeper message that Hurston’s poem. His main point of his poem was talk about civil movement, and how this is changing the society. Baldwin explains with his own feelings about how all of his family survived in an age that nobody wants to remember because of the hard times that most of the colored people passed through, he has a message that started a bit depressed, but it shows us the hope of everyone and to trust in their own believes. He also trust in his country and teach us how to endure until the hard times ends, he describes this poem aggressively active on race issues. Both poems, everything except the guide at...
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