Compound Adjective

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Topic : Compound Adjective

Part 1: Introduction( page 3)
-Introduction the compound adjective
-Reason for choosing compound adjective, the important of the compound adjective

Part 2: Literature review
-Definition of compound adjective(page 4 )
-Function of compound adjective( page 4)
-Classification of compound adjective( page 4,5)

Part 3: Application ( In teaching and learning English )
-Problem( page 6)
-Suggestion for learning and teaching( page 7,8 )

Part 4: Conclusion (page 9)


In linguistics, word formation is the process of building new words from material already existing in the language according to certain structural and semantic patterns and formulae. Every language is in constant need for new words. This is mainly because of the development in the technological field. New product are coming on the market and all of them need namws by which to be called. Because of these new inventions and changes, a language needs to borrow, derive or otherwise coin new words simply because new things need names. The formation of words does not just appear like that out of the blue, but rather, there are several methods that are used to create new words. There are various principlal ways of word-formation in English graded according to their productive degrees, such as affixation, compounding, shortening,... Compound words are one of item English lexicology. Compound can fuction in a sentence separate lexical units due to their integrity semantic unity and so on. There is a great variety of compounds hence a great variety of classification. Some practical ways to classify them are presented as follow: + According to the meaning: idiomatic and non idiomatic + According to componental relationship: coordinative compound and subordinative compound + According to the part of speech: compound nouns, compound adjectives, compound verbs, compound adverbs, compound prepositions. + According to compositional types: compound formed by justaposition, by morphological means, by syntactical means, by both morphological and syntactical means + Miscellanea of compound: derivational compounds, reduplicative compounds and faded compounds. The reason for our choosing compound adjectives is that they are more and more becoming important in using lexicology. They make varieties of lexicology. Moreover, using compound adjectives is very important for students to study. These papers deal with many aspects of compound adjectives and this can help student no more about compound adjectives.


1. Definition of adjective.
An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing identifying or quantifying words. An adjective usually precedes the Noun or Pronoun which it modifies.

For example: The happy children
The good old man.
2. Definition of compound adjective.
- A compound adjective is an adjective that comprises more than one word. Usually hyphens are used to link the words together to show that it is one adjective. - Similar to adjective, compound adjective modifies the noun or pronoun. For example : Please request a four – food table.

It is a 6 - page document.
Claire worked as a part – time keeper at the safari park. That is an all – too - common mistake.
3. Classification of compound adjective.
In our opinion, there are some types of compound adjective according to the forming:

Adjective / noun + adjectivea dark-blue uniform
adj. adj.

a navy - blue hat
nom adj.

Adjective, adverb or noun + present participle an old - looking building adj. part. présent

a fast - running horse
adv. part. présent
a heart -...
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