Topics: Greenhouse gas, Natural gas, Methane Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: December 13, 2012

The name of the company is Bootstrap Composting. They are residential and commercial food scrap pickup service in the city of Boston. They started in Jan 2011. The mission is to collect organic material from residents and commercial business and redistribute it to local farms for composting. They carry hundreds of pounds of scraps from landfills and redistribute to create valuable compost for organic and local food community. The compost is an all natural, no chemicals and safe fertilizer that can be used on crops. To date Bootstrap compost has 345 subscribers and move 140,000 lb of compost so far; Offset 135,000lbs of harmful GHG’s. They are a fast growing company and are seeing that communities are welcoming this model to create compost. 14% compost is made in the US and only 3% is being used at the moment. In 2017 they expect to have 4000 clients, 1.4 million scraps diverted and remove 100 cars worth of GHGs out of the atmosphere. Egor explains as an all natural compost, it helps improve soil quality and helps reduce dependence on fossil fuel fertilizers which is great for the environment. Composting helps the US food system be more economically sustainable. The process that they use is to give a subscriber and plastic bucket and food scraps are put in and picked up by a bicyclist and brought to a farm at the farmer help turn it in to compose then it is redelivered back to the subscriber or it stays at the farm to help with crops. The compost is also donated to local school and community projects. Bootstrap has 3 major benefits they are; offsetting the detrimental ecological consequences of landfills but reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Supplying compost for subscribers, providing and a platform for environmental awareness and educating the community about the benefits of composting. They have a very diverse set of clients from commercial, non profits and residential subscriber. Composting helps the environment by reducing the amount of...
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