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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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The composer I chose is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for my composer report. The reason I chose this composer is because his life was very interesting to me. I learned things that didn’t know about him until we read about him in class. His life was so interesting that someone wrote a movie about him and several books have been written about his life and work as well. His work has made a lasting impression on the world and our society. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was brought into this world on January 27, 1756 by his parents Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Pertl in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart was the last to be born out of seven children, but unfortunately he and his older sister, Maria Anna, were the only two who survived in birth. Mozart’s father was a successful composer and violinist. With his father being musically inclined he and his sister caught on to the feel of music quickly. Both Mozart and his sister had God- given genius when it came to music. Their music education began at a young age. His sister was a gifted piano player by getting lessons from her father and Mozart learned how to play the piano as well by listening to Maria’s lessons, he also learned the violin by his father. Mozart accomplished these greats by the age of six and at that same age he and his family went on a concert tour. Mozart, his father, and his sister were on this tour together and at the end of their tour the family worked for an archbishop’s concert. Mozart wanted to escape from the archbishop but couldn’t leave. His family went to Vienna and there was where he could finally be free from the archbishop. He moved to Vienna and instantly became a success. Mozart went on tour with his mother and later met a man, Fridolin Weber, and his daughters, Aloisa, Constanze, Sophie, and Josepha. Aloisa was a singer at the opera and she had a beautiful voice and had a natural sense of music. When Mozart saw Aloisa, who was 15, he instantly fell in love with...
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