Composer Biography

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Composer Biography Paper
Purpose: Acquire knowledge of an accomplished composer whose music is not represented in our listening assignments. Note: You cannot do a paper on a composer who is represented on the CDs accompanying the textbook. Appendix B lists many very good composers for you to select from for your paper.  If you choose a composer who is not in this list, please check with me before you begin your research. If you have trouble deciding, try finding a composer from the country of your family's origin.  I am also happy to make a suggest for you.  Basics: Present an organized overview of your composer's life and career. Discuss his/her main accomplishments and mention important compositions. Write a one-paragraph summary of a piece of the composer's that you listened to. Relate your composer's works to the musical styles and developments his/her time. Discuss influences on your composer and his/her influences on other composers. Format: Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, and contain one-inch margins. It should be about 1000 words in length or about three to four pages. Topic: Choose a composer from the Composer Appendix. Choose a composer for that you can find a recording of a representative work (in a local library, from a friend, etc.) Discuss your choice of composer with me before you write your paper. While music history has been populated with many fascinating and important composers, it may be difficult to find a great deal of information about your chosen composer. Sources: Be sure to include information from a variety of sources in your paper. Your bibliography should include at least one book and one sound recording.  Many periodicals will also have information on 20th Century composers.  YouTube is not an appropriate resource.  Please do not use it in your research.  Please use MLA format for you bibliography and footnote any direct quotations from your sources.  If you do not know what that is, you can find an excellent guide in...
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