Composed Upon Westminster Bridge,

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  • Published : November 2, 2011
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Fatima Adel
Analysing “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”
.....The poem “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” was written by William Wordsworth. Wordsworth was a famous Romantic poet. The poem is about the experience of crossing Westminster Bridge early in the morning and seeing the calmness and beauty of the city of London. The poem describes the city in a very positive way, communicating its power and 'splendour'. In this essay I will explore the ways in which Wordsworth uses language and other poetic devices to present his idea in this poem. .....First of all, Wordsworth uses many poetic devices. One of the poetic devices that he used is personification. “Earth has not anything to show more fair”. The poet gives earth human feature by saying that the earth shows him the scenery, where as he is seeing the scenery himself. The poet also said “The city now doth like a garment wear”, the poet says that the city is wearing a garment wear. He personifies the city as a human wearing beautiful clothes. .....Secondly, Wordsworth also uses alliteration, “A sight so touching in its majesty”. The poet uses the letter”S” to describe the calmness of the city. Moreover the poet uses rhyming words to make the sound of the poem for example: (deep - steep), (lie - sky). ......At last, Wordsworth uses another poetic device which is metaphor, “Dear God, the very houses seem asleep;”. The poet personifies the houses as people who are still asleep in the early morning. It compares of houses to a creature that sleeps. It shows the contrast between the houses in the morning and the houses throughout the day. .....In this essay I have analysed the poem “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” and some of the poetic devices that Wordsworth used in his poem. He used the poetic devices to
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