Comportment and Courtesy at Public Places

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Students In Basic Schools These Days Don’t Want To Show Comportment And Courtesy At Public Places. Bring Out Your Views And Suggest Solutions.
Comportment and courtesy, comportment is one’s ability to behave in a particular manner acceptable to people in society .It entails rules, principles or beliefs that bring respect and dignity to an individual while Courtesy is a behavior marked by polished manners or respect for other people. A person who shows courtesy is courteous. First of all, students don’t want to show comportment and courtesy because some of their parents don’t spend most of their time with the child but rather spend their time a mother/father doesn’t spend his/her time with his/her child to tell him/her about comportment and courtesy this makes it that whenever the child goes to the public he doesn’t show comportment and courtesy, the child will not respect the elderly in the public, he/she will insult anybody in public including his/her teachers. Secondly, students don’t want to show comportment and courtesy because they are influenced by their peers. Students in bad peer groups are in influenced by their peers in so many ways, one of these ways is by telling someone to go and insult and beat an old lady who is carrying some heavy loads, instead of helping the old lady they rather insult and beat her. They will even steal if their parents don’t provide their needs. Last but not the least, students don’t want to show comportment and courtesy because they think they at the top of the world and they are old like their mothers and fathers so they don’t listen to instructions from their friends, teachers, even their parents and other elderly people. They even don’t even use words like Sorry, Thank you and Please.

1. Parents should pay more attention to their children.
2. Bad peer groups should be destroyed and students that are still forming these...
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