Components to a Passionate Person

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I am passionate.

A student who shows integrity and is motivated to make a difference in the world, is an excellent candidate for an international trip. Living in the United States of America has inspired me to support other countries that need service. An ambassador contributes his or her time to the service of others and creates a positive and moral environment for surrounding peers. It is also important to have an understanding of various cultures and accept traditions from all regions of the world. I have always endeavored to exemplify positive characteristics and be a role model for those around me.

I believe that there are three main components of character: Respect, Honesty, and Loyalty. These three words have a deeper meaning in all aspects of life than just the definition. When you are a role model or a leader, your honest opinion is important and will lead you to a point where you believe that what you do is right. The righteous thing is an aspect of life that not all people understand and those who do leave a legacy. By creating that clothing drive in my first year of middle school, the administrators will recognize that the person who came up with the idea was a dedicated student who showed respect, loyalty, and honesty, which are what I believe to be important. Respect is the second aspect shown in my everyday life. As a sister, I listen to what my siblings have to say and as a student; I am always willing to change the actions that I perform because it might result in a beneficial change. In lacrosse and volleyball, I had an open mindset and always listen to the coaches’ suggestions exemplifying respect. While in classes or any situation, it is important for me to listen to directions and to always complete my homework. Honesty and respect also motivate my learning and passion resulting in wonderful grades. Loyalty is another aspect that is important to live by. Friends have a huge impact on our lives simply since we scientifically are...
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