Components That Make Up the Research Process

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Statistics Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Concepts that make up the Research Process
The first step in the research process is to identify a problem or develop a research question; the antecedent or phrase. It may be something viewed as a problem, such as my choice, addiction. Or it may be some knowledge of information that is needed. It could be a problem or concern within the community or that affects society. Addiction and co-morbid mental illnesses will serve as my focus of study for analyzing a concept. Next is reviewing the literature. You must learn all you can about the research question or problem. This allows you, the researcher, to learn about studies that that have been done in the past. Many times the research problem or question is too broad or large; the scope of the study must be narrowed. This is done by reviewing all the literature you have found. This topic can be very broad and could include studies on genetics, family/support and environment, learning disabilities and education, or health issues. Next, terms and concepts must be clearly defined. The researcher must narrow or focus more on the purpose of the study such as my choice co-morbid mental illnesses. The terms and concepts, the words or phrases used in the purpose statement must be specifically defined as they apply to the study. The terms and concepts can have different definitions depending on the audience reading the study. This makes the study more manageable, making it easier to collect the necessary data for the study, and the concept becomes more understandable to the reader. The researcher must now define the population to be studied. The researcher may want to study a specific age group, males or females, or a specific ethnic group; the list could go on and on. The problem and the purpose of the study will assist you, the researcher, in identifying the group that will be involved in the study. The group involved in the study is always called the population. A smaller group from the population is called the...
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