Components of Reading

Topics: Reading, Dyslexia, Educational psychology Pages: 45 (17883 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Chapter I

Background of the Study
Berry (2005), in his studies, reiterated that reading is a thinking activity. This process involves getting meaning from the printed word or symbol. Instructors will expect that you, as a student, will be able to read at all levels of meaning or comprehension. For many learning-disabled students, reading comprehension is a major problem. Some causes for developing the comprehension levels is that first:, when the person has a language problem or if a child’s knowledge of English is poor, then his reading will also be poor, and naturally also his reading comprehension; second, if the foundation skills of reading have not been automatized, implying that poor reader is forced to apply all his concentration to word recognition and therefore has no concentration left to decode the written word and as a result, he will not be able to read with comprehension; lastly, if the reader is unable to decode the written word, then reading comprehension is impossible, ( Retrieved January 15, 2010). The Department of Education reports that there has been a 21.36 percent increase in NAT results from 2006 to 2009. The 2009 revealed a rise in mean percentage score (MPS) of only 66.33 percent from 54.66 percent in 2006, which equates to an improvement of 11.67 percent. This progress says anything about the reading skills of our country’s students but it is not something to be happy about. A 66.33 MPS is still a rather low score ( Retrieved December 27, 2009).In St. Mary’s College, annual National Career Assessment Examination is administered to the graduating students or Fourth Year Level students. It was found out through the examination conducted during School Year 2007-2008 that there was 50% or eighty eight (88) of the one hundred seventy six (176) total populations of the fourth year students to be on the average level in the strand of reading comprehension, trailed by 25.5% or forty five (45) students who claimed to be on the above average level, 17% or thirty (30) students who consigned at the low average level, 5% or eight students situated their comprehension at very high level, and 0.57% or one (1) student ranked to be on the poor level. Over the years, beyond the job market, poor reading comprehension also has implications on an individual’s level of participation in society. Those who read more tend to involve themselves more in current issues, cultural, political and public affairs. Proficient readers are also more inclined to be active in community and charity work. They engaged themselves in noble causes and make better informed decisions. In short, reading well spurs a person to do and achieve more, far beyond getting higher scores on scholastic exams. Proficiency in reading comprehension means proficiency in other disciplines. Knowing this, the researchers were encouraged to study how components of reading influence students in their level of comprehension. Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to determine whether the extent of the Components in Reading affects the Levels of Reading Comprehension of the Third Year High School Students of St. Mary’s College of Tagum City, School Year 2009-2010. Specifically, it seeks answer to the following questions:

1. What is the extent of Components in Reading Comprehension in terms of: 1.1 phonemic awareness;
1.2 phonics;
1.3 reading fluency;
1.4 vocabulary development; and
1.5 reading comprehension strategies?
2. What is the Level of Reading Comprehension in terms of:
2.1 literal;
2.2 interpretive; and
2.3 applied?
3. Is there a significant difference on the extent of Components of Reading Comprehension when analyzed according to section? 4. Is there a significant difference on the Levels of Reading Comprehension when analyzed according to section? 5. Is there a significant relationship...
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