Components of Fitness

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Throughout term two our class has been participating in the unit of tennis. We have researched the key components of fitness for a tennis player and have conducted a number of fitness tests to base ourselves upon. By evaluating myself on these tests, I have chosen to compete against Contender A of the 4 contenders. My decision in doing this not only lies upon where my strengths are where stronger then his weaknesses, but where i am weak he is not strong.

A typical tennis player, apart from skill at the game, needs to have specific fitness requirements to be able to play the game to full ability. Some typical requirements of fitness for the game of tennis are agility, anaerobic and aerobic fitness, muscular strength power and endurance, flexibility, coordination, power, strength, balance and body size. (appendix 1). These requirements benefit and at the same time take away from my game. I am very strong in some of these areas, as seen in (appendix 2) scoring excellent in push ups, grip strength, vertical leap and beep test and good in the 20m sprint. However my flexibility, spider and hexagon are not up to standard. These are important aspects in tennis and could severely affect my game. I chose played A because i out-match him in everything, even his strengths, and especially for his beep test. (appendix 3).

The energy systems (appendix 4) will take a roll in the strategy I wish to use. “Player A’s” beep test is poor, so I wish to use this against him and work him around the caught as I understand I am fitter. Because I have obtained a higher beep test result then my opponent, My Vo2 max will be substantially higher, therfore lactic acic (appendix 4) produced will be less and slower then that of my opponent. This is due to the fact that “Oxygen in the blood breaks down lactic acid into carbon dioxide and water.” (appendix 6) I am able to achieve much more oxygen in my blood from my Vo2 max, therefore less Lactic Acid. Lactic acid premotes the restrain of...
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