Components of Filmmaking

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Maria TortorelliEng 323-940
6/26/12Unit 1

The diverse components that construct the filmmaking process vary in complexity. Sound, narration, stars, writers, and cinematography are only a few elements essential to filmmaking. Although each of these features make up the filmmaking process, I believe the most complex aspect is sound. Sound is segregated into three branches which include live sound, sound effects, and music.

Live sound is expressed as the dialogue between characters. In today's world, almost all films include various amounts of live sound ranging from little to a great deal of dialogue. Determining the right amount of dialogue as well as the ideal actors to resound it, can be one of the most complex aspects of filmmaking. Dialogue can be complex because it creates the feelings and personalities of the characters, which helps to advance and develop the storyline. Not only does dialogue enhance the plot, but it also compels the audience to cultivate different emotions and thoughts to portray each character based on the way they communicate. To create ideal dialogue, star selection is imperative. An actor or actress must be able to present the dialogue in a believable way to produce a film which seems realistic to the audience. Without well-developed live sound, a film lacks personality and interaction with the audience.

In addition to live sound, sound effects are equally important in the filmmaking process, yet they can be considered even more complex when creating a film. Sound effects are synthetic or enhanced sounds used to accentuate films. Sound effects can vary from imitating the sound of an object like an instrument, footsteps, or wind to police sirens, an explosion, or a gun shot. Not only are these sounds sometimes difficult to mimic realistically, but they have to be perfectly synchronized with what the audience sees. Therefore, sound effects can be a challenging aspect when creating a film, but if...
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