Components of Communication

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Components of Communication
Posted on March 11, 2009 by admin
We know that communication is a process of transmitting and receiving messages (verbal and non-verbal). Communication is a dialogue not a monologue. So, a communication is said to be effective only if it brings the desired response from the receiver. Communication consists of six components or elements.

Components of Communication
1. Context
2. Sender/Encoder
3. Message
4. Medium
5. Receiver/Decoder
6. Feedback
Every message (Oral or written), begins with context. Context is a very broad field that consists different aspects. One aspect is country, culture and organization. Every organization, culture and country communicate information in their own way. Another aspect of context is external stimulus. The sources of external stimulus includes; meeting, letter, memo, telephone call, fax, note, email and even a casual conversation. This external stimuli motivates you to respond and this response may be oral or written. Internal stimuli is another aspect of communication. Internal Stimuli includes; You opinion, attitude, likes, dis-likes, emotions, experience, education and confidence. These all have multifaceted influence on the way you communicate you ideas. A sender can communicate his ideas effectively by considering all aspects of context mentioned above. Sender/Encoder

Encoder is the person who sends message. In oral communication the encoder is speaker, and in written communication writer is the encoder. An encoder uses combination of symbols, words, graphs and pictures understandable by the receiver, to best convey his message in order to achieve his desired response. Message

Message is the information that is exchanged between sender and receiver. The first task is to decide what you want to communicate and what would be the content of your message; what are the main points of your message and what other information to include. The central idea of the...
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