Compliance with Nursing Homes Regulations

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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Determine how compliance with the regulations and development of risk-management and quality-management systems for each type of organization contribute to the organization’s overall performance-management system.

Nursing homes contribute to their overall performance management systems by making sure that management offer an opportunity to set goals, while clarifying expectations, always being able to reinforce a job well done, initiate change, and foster a healthy working relationship between supervisor and employee which is most important because that will affect the work performance of staff and the quality of the care that is being provided. ( Julie Ditzler "Developing an effective system for performance appraisal". Nursing Homes. 09 Jan, 2012. ) Drug Manufacturers contribute to their organizations performance management systems by applying the competency process of Control, Optimize, Reduce, and Extend ,better known as the CORE process. This stands for Control – You can leverage contract templates and extensive term and clause libraries with process-specific authoring and approval cycles that eliminate non-standard terms and prevent rogue contracts from cutting into an organization’s revenue. Optimize – Analytical tools and template-based authoring are just some of the tools that help you create an advanced workflow to drive the best possible deals for you, your partners, and your share holders. Reduce – You can reduce use of non-standard terms and conditions, and thus shorten time-to-contract and increase your margins, using a clause-level, multi-conditional approval hierarchy built into the authoring process. Extend – You can expand the way your organization uses contract-based risk profiles by identifying and aggregating contract-specific language that normally would be locked in a file cabinet. (

▪ In mental clinics and hospitals the...