Compliance System Training on New Technology

Topics: Project management, Budget, Control theory Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: May 9, 2013
June 03, 2012
TO: Mr. John Lennon, Chief Executive Officer
FROM: Paul Wright
SUBJECT: Compliance System Training on New Technology Project Recap:
The 10-hour compliance training will go on as planned. There could be instances when there could be problems along the way. The costs and time allotment may not be as expected and as budgeted. These could have been caused by some controllable and uncontrollable factors. In this light, I have proposed some strategies to mitigate possible negative outcomes. Expected Deviations from the Plan:

* Less participants will likely show up than expected
* Actual expenses will exceed the budget
* Topics will not be taken up within the time frame
* Other topics for discussion will be left untouched
* Effectiveness of the training sessions will not be evaluated * No new compliance polices will be set as planned
Proposed Strategies to Mitigate Deviations from the Plan:
* If it the scheduled date is near and the number of participants will likely be less than expected, then there must be an intense advertising. Letters of invitation will be sent the second time in addition to phone calls. The letter invitation should be very convincing with the explanation of the tangible effects the training will have on the participants and the company. * Budgets could either be favorable or unfavorable. If the company has the history of unfavorably deviating from the budgets and estimated expenses, there must be an explicit control system especially in handling expenses. There must not be waste in terms of materials and there must not be incurrence of unnecessary though petty expenses. * There are time allotment for each topic and discussion. To stick to what is planned, materials must be ready and on hand prior to the training session. Further questions and answer portions must be shortened or extended as time permits. * If due to uncontrollable factors,...
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