Compliance of Basel 2 in Credit Risk Management

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Compliance of Basel II in Credit Risk Management of Dhaka Bank Limited

Compliance of Basel II in Credit Risk Management of Dhaka Bank Limited

Prepared for
Mr. Shakil Huda

Prepared by
Sanjib Debnath
Roll: 02

Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

Professor Shakil Huda
Internship and Placement Program
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

Dear Sir:

Here is the Internship Report I am required to submit to IBA as a part of the completion of MBA program.

While doing the job with Dhaka Bank Limited, I was allowed to do internship in Dhaka Bank Limited at Karwan Bazar Branch. For doing so, I had to work in various sections of the said branch of Dhaka Bank Ltd, such as, Credit Department, Foreign Trade Department etc.

When I was working in Credit Department, I came to know about Basel II and its implications in credit risk management. This subject interests me greatly and after consulting with my internship supervisor I have decided to choose my internship topic as “Compliance of Basel II in Credit Risk Management of Dhaka Bank Limited”.

In this report, I have also tried to portray a comparative picture of performance of functions of Karwan Bazar Branch with respect to the whole Dhaka Bank Limited.

I hope that the information placed through this Report will provide you enough information about Basel II and its compliance in Dhaka Bank Ltd, one of the leading private commercial Bank in Bangladesh. Should you think the information flaws in explanation, I am always available to discuss the same with you to be abreast of the time.

Yours sincerely

Sanjib Debnath
Roll # 02
MBA, Batch-42D


It is the requirement of MBA conducted by the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka to do Internship and to prepare an Internship Report. For doing my internship I have selected Dhaka Bank Limited where I joined as a Probationary Officer

I am very much grateful to my Supervisor Mr. Shakil Huda for giving me time to guide and rectify my errors. I am also grateful to the management of Dhaka Bank Limited for offering me to carry out my Internship Program as well as providing me the necessary information in order to finalize the Report.

I am especially indebted to my senior officials of Dhaka Bank Ltd of Karwan Bazar branch, such as, Mr. A. S. M. Abu Bokor Siddique, Ms. Salma Akter Seema as well as the Branch-in-Charge Mr. Md. Mostaque Ahmed for kindly assisting me while doing the Report. I would like to also thank Mr. Imran Ahmed, Incharge of Basel II implementation Unit for providing me current status of implementation of Basel II in Dhaka Bank Limited.

I have prepared this Report with the help and guidance of our Course Coordinator and the senior officials of Dhaka Bank Ltd. to whom I am indebted to for the suggestions I have had from time to time despite their preoccupations.

Table of Contents
Executive Summaryx
1.0The Internship Program2
2.0An Overview of the Organization: Dhaka Bank Limited5
2.1 Key Facts about Dhaka Bank Limited5
2.2 Products and Services7
2.2.1 Retail Banking7
2.2.2 Corporate Banking8
2.2.3 Trade Finance10
2.2.4 SME13
2.2.5 Remittance13
2.3 Supporting Departments13
2.3.1 Centralized Processing Unit13
2.3.2 Human Resources (HR)14
2.3.3 Information Technology Department14
2.3.4 Finance & Accounts15
2.3.4 Internal Control and Compliance (ICC)16
2.4 Financial Performance and Growth of Dhaka Bank Limited17
2.4.1 Assets17
2.4.2 Liabilities18
2.4.3 Income and Expense19
2.4.4 Operating and Net Profit20
2.5 Future Plan21
3.1 Issues and Problems25
3.2 Origin of the Report25
3.3 Objective26
3.3.1 Broad Objective26
3.3.2 Specific Objectives26
3.4 Rationale27
3.5 Scope and Limitations27
3.6 Methodology27
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