Compliance Management

Topics: Telephone number, Telephone exchange, Telephone Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Compliance Management
Shannon Gangemi
Western Governors University

A.Health information compliance is a very important aspect of the healthcare industry. Mistakes made in the area of healthcare information in any form could cause issues within the facility workflow all the way to becoming a legal issue. The first issue within this scenario is the incorrect input of information to the system. Information needs to be double checked to make sure you are entering in the correct file as well as the information entered is correct. Next issues are the amount of information left on a message machine which may be listened to by persons other than the patient. A1.Sue has taken the correct actions to take note of the information disclosure on the part of Denise. The information left on the machine at Mr. Steven’s son’s house was only a part of the issue in Sue’s office. Sue should write up a memo regarding the extent of the information in which should be left on a message either to a person or on a machine. An example such as,”Hi, this is Shannon from Dr. Smith’s office calling to remind you of your upcoming appointment on Wednesday, September 26th, please call our office for cancellation or questions regarding this appointment, thank you and have a great day.” should be included in the staff memo to give appropriate guidelines for staff to patient phone calls. The memo also needs to restate the need for attention to detail when entering pt information into the patient management system. Staff should not only be asking for middle initial but also reviewing the information given with the patient at the time of entry as well as a quick review of name, date of birth and telephone number at time of appointments. The memo after being approved by the physicians will be read and signed by each staff member and kept in the respective employee file. A2.This issue has the potential to stay in the office as a violation of compliance regulations as...
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