Complexity within Simplicity

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Complexity Within Simplicity
The battle itself took the duration of a few days but was one of the most intense and fearsome battles in all of WWII. It took place in North Africa between the Allies (British + Americans) and the Axis (German+ Italian) powers. The battle was called the Battle of El Alamein and it held a high significance since it took place in Alam el Halfa, which is next to the Suez Canal that was the Allies’ main means of transporting and receiving food. This was essentially a last stand for the allies as the German-Italian forces kept advancing and conquering and showed no signs of stopping until all of Africa was under their control. However, they were stopped by the by two major generals- Eisenhower and Montgomery who led the allies to victory in North Africa. Though the battle itself was fierce, it was the military tactics and mentalities of Erwin Rommel, Dwight Eisenhower, and Bernard Montgomery that made it so interesting and complex.

Bernard Montgomery was put in charge of the Eighth Army, while the main general in command for the Allies was Dwight Eisenhower. Winston Churchill assigned them both their positions. On the 30 of August 1942, Erwin Rommel (the German Commander) attacked the Eighth Army at Alam el Halfa ("The Battle of El Alamein”). The battle consisted of mostly soldiers from Germans and Italians versus the British and the Americans. It was crucial for the Allies to hold their position at Alam el Halfa because that was where the Suez Canal was located. (The Suez Canal was the supply route for the Allies so if they lost their foothold over it, they would have lost their supplies and the last firm grasp that they had in the continent of North Africa. Also, it would become extremely tough for them to regain after losing it and still be able to push back the Germans, "The Battle of El Alamein”). The Allies likewise followed the same strategy-to cut off the German supply route ("The Battle of El Alamein”). The Allies...
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