Complexity of Rhetoric

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  • Published : July 4, 2012
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Complexity of Rhetoric
If there were only two of me, then I could get everything done. How many times have we thought about that to ourselves, or even out loud? What if there were two of me? It’s just a simple question, but would it really make our lives easier to have a body double? A clone of us would help get the myriad of daily chores and tasks complete that seem to overwhelm most of us. Let’s face it, if there were two of everybody on Earth, there would be double the work force to get the work done. Our to-do lists could get done in half the amount of time it would normally take us, giving us more free time to enjoy ourselves, or giving us more time for our next to-do list. The possibilities of increasing human productivity and efficiency are absolutely endless. However, the stereotypical idea of human cloning producing body doubles for everybody just isn’t the reality.

In the article “How Human Cloning Will Work,” written by Kevin Bonsor and Cristen Conger for, a Discovery Channel company, the authors’ use of rhetoric seems a little confusing to me. Bonsor and Conger wrote a very in-depth, educational, and informative article for the online web site. The title of the article, “How Human Cloning Will Work,” gives the impression that the piece will be on a step-by-step scientific explanation of the human cloning process. Although the article does include tidbits of information on the human cloning process, Bonsor and Conger confuse the audience with the topics of ethics, clone use, and the re-occurring discussions of Dolly. The title is, after all, “How Human Cloning Will Work.” In Bonsor and Conger’s article, however, they do not tell the readers how cloning will work, but more of how it will not work. More than the just topic of the process of human cloning is discussed. At first we are informed or reminded of the 1997 cloning of Dolly the sheep. Although Dolly’s story is very interesting and pertains to the beginning of cloning...
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