Complexity of European Integration

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CFSP: Northern and Eastern Dimension of the European Union

Complexity of European Integration

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I. Introduction

The following written paper seeks to examine why the studying of the European Integration is both relevant and a complex task at the same time and to apply appropriate argumentation to the thesis by means of secondary data research methods.

European integration is the product of the selective pooling of national sovereignty, or ultimate jurisdiction over a body politic, by postwar European nation-states. Unquestionably nowadays the European Integration respectively the European Union is the most advanced model of living in a harmonised framework of countries which follows common objectives. The European Union was built on the basic principles of democracy, peace, stability and equality. As a matter of fact its long-lasting success is based on the assumption that all members are equal, recognize each other diversities and all respect the free will of each and every person which are the main values, the world is intensively endeavouring to spread, ever since the end of the World War 2. Although it might look the opposite, the integration process has overcome numerous of obstacles through the years and still goes through a lot of them on a daily basis. Rises and falls has always been an integral part of the integration process history.

The idea of exploring the complexity of the European Integration derives its main impetus from the significant success and progress which have been achieved in the variety of perception fields such as flexibility and consideration of many factors of diverse nature; understanding of the dynamism of the processes; respect for different points of view, originating from different national backgrounds; significant progress in overcoming prejudices and stereotypes; possesses an enormous experience in terms of preventing and resolving different types of conflicts. In my personal opinion the most crucial precondition which must be fulfilled in order to the integration to be implemented and to be successfully accepted by the majority of people is that the citizens should be well orientated in the labyrinth of values, missions, objectives, organizations, commissions, parliaments, councils, agencies, lobbies etc, simply because most people are less interested in matters and issues which they are not good enough aware of. ‘Yet Europeans are still some way from understanding how and why regional integration happens, or even deciding whether or not it is a good idea.’[1]

To achieve the research goal of my paper, I have studied the monograph of R. Cooper entitled The Post-modern State and World Order, J. McCormick’s book Understanding the European Union, several chapters from a textbook about the European Union by E. Bomberg and A. Stubb, a part of a book on the European Union enlargement by N. Nugent, speeches, declarations and articles by prominent European politicians, published in B. Nelson and A. Stubbs’ Readings on the Theory and Practice of European Integration. Furthermore, the detailed and well structured information in the official site of the EU has also been of great help, as far as the historical development of the European integration is concerned. II. WHY IS EUROPEAN INTEGRATION DEFINED AS A COMPLEX PROCESS?

II. 1. Perceptions, Boundaries and National Identity

European past has always been full of numerous unclarities and controversions especially on terms of various economic, cultural, political and social matters, boundaries and ethnic or religious appurtenance. Analysing the idea of Europe, J. McCormick emphasizes the following facts:‘ Even as Europeans move along the path of economic, social and political integration, the definition of Europe remains ambiguous, for several reasons. First, few of the EU’s member states are culturally homogeneous, and there is no such thing as a European...
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