Complex Religion

Topics: Atheism, Agnosticism, Christianity Pages: 6 (1894 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Sara Gaffey
English 102
Persuasive Draft

Complex Religion

Whether there is a God or not has been one of the biggest debates, well, ever. There are worthy arguments from both sides about the existence of God, yet, none can be proven, and never will be.

Christianity is a confusing religion. It’s confusing when I hear that God hates gays and does not accept them. They will go to hell for their preferences. I believe that piece of information is even in the Bible. Yet, whenever I’ve accompanied someone to church, I always hear that “God accepts and loves everyone.” It seems very backwards to me.

I was at a friend’s house the other day. The doorbell rang, and my friend was gone and his roommate was upstairs, so I answered the door. It was two Jehovah’s witnesses who immediately started preaching, leaving me no room to say that wasn’t even my house! Finally my friend’s roommate came down, and they started talking to her. When they finally paused she said “Uh, this is awkward…I’m an atheist.” And they responded with “its okay, God still loves you.” Now I had thought that anyone who didn’t believe in God was sent to hell, according to Christianity. So God loves people who don’t worship him, but he’s still going to send them into a fiery inferno when they die?

God’s followers cause the same confusion for me as well. Granted, I do know some true Christians, who accept everyone no matter what, but then there are the highly opinionated Christians who refuse to accept ANY possibility other than God. “When it comes to Christianity, any evidence that contradicts the bible gets thrown out. By definition, a Christian with faith simply cannot accept that they could be wrong.” (Cencula 1) It’s unfair how atheists and agnostics have to be tolerant of Christians, but Christians don’t have to be tolerant of atheists!

A harsh quote from Richard Dawkins proves my point a bit more. “I was asked what I thought about the widely publicized cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Ireland. I replied that, horrible as sexual abuse no doubt was, the damage was arguably less than the long-term psychological damage inflicted by bringing the child up Catholic in the first place." Now this is a very harsh quote, granted it still made me giggle a little simply because it’s true. People who are raised as Christians, for the most part, are so blinded by their faith towards this man who knows and sees all, that they can’t be open-minded to other people’s religions and beliefs. Dawkins later goes on to say, “ I am persuaded that the phrase 'child abuse' is no exaggeration when used to describe what teachers and priests are doing to children whom they encourage to believe in something like the punishment of unshriven mortal sins in an eternal hell." I also whole-heartedly agree with this statement. I believe that you live your life (however you wish), then you die; no heaven, no hell. You basically go to sleep, but never wake up. That’s it. It’s that simple. What I love about Dawkins is that he doesn’t hold back in what he believes. He’s blunt when explaining how he feels about Christianity.

Christianity, in my opinion, is a harsh religion. About 90% of the Christians that I have met and witnessed throughout my life have been stubborn and completely unwilling to accept the mere possibility that there may not be a God. I once saw a humorous quote somewhere that read “I don’t have a problem with God; it’s his fan club I can’t stand.” I could not agree with that quote more.

I also came across a small comic strip on a website. In the first box there was a man who looks as though he’s in Hell with flames coming up around him who says, “Hey friend, remember all those things you told me? You were wrong! You goofed!” The second box is another man who responds “No, little buddy. I wasn’t wrong!” The third box is the same man as the second box, but he is taking of a mask that was covering his...
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