Completed Duties Before Patients Arrive

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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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Completed Duties Before Patients Arrive
Donna Carter
June 20, 2012

HS: 210.02
Professor Yancey
As a Medical Assistant, it is important to have the office ready before patients arrive, which includes; listening to phone messages from the night before, going over the patient schedules, having the patient charts organized and ready, filling out any paperwork needed for the day, and having patient rooms cleaned and prepped (eMedicalAssistant, 2012). It is important to have a well organized staff to complete the morning duties because, time goes by quickly and it may become overwhelming without completing these five duties before patients arrive. It is extremely important to listen to the messages from the night before since, there may be a patient who has an emergency and who needs to be seen right away. If Medical Assistants listen to the messages early in the morning, then scheduling the patient that morning could be a possibility. Going over the patient schedules is beneficial to us and the patient. I say this because when a patient arrives, we should know who they are and their reason for being at our office. This gives an impression to the patient that we are well-organized professionals. After going through the patient schedule for the day, the next step is to have the charts organized and ready for when the patients arrive. This is an extra step that is beneficial because, it is a step we will not have to worry about doing during the busy work day, therefore not getting confused and possibly pulling the wrong chart. Having charts organized and ready for the day helps conserve time and gives the picture of a professional organized facility. Filling out any necessary paper work for that day such as; health check forms, any insurance paperwork, and surgical permission forms help conserve time as well. If all paperwork is complete on our end, then all we need to do is wait for the patient to arrive and have them go over it and sign it. This also helps...