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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Collections Incorporated
5544 Highway
Robbery Lane Town, State 99999
Fax: 808-555-5533

September 16, 2008

501 Main Street
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203
(701) – 227 – 1234
Subject: Two stopped checks from your offices
I recently was billed a $50 late fee on a $25 dollar parking ticket which was in process of being paid to the city (check #6432). I was to pay the ticket and the late fee and receive a reimbursement from the Collections Incorporated upon arrival of my original check for the ticket. I had sent in a $75 check (# 6449) to you paying the ticket and the late fee temporarily until my check to the city went through. After the city approved my check you sent me a check for $75 (#72630). I received the check and assuming that all had been settled I cashed the check into the bank. I then received a letter from the bank telling me that my check from Collections Incorporated had been stopped by the company and had charged me a $7 fee for the stopped check. I called your support explaining the situation and was told to send a fax of my information to receive a $7 dollar reimbursement and a new check would be sent. I chose not to take the hassle of faxing you for $7 to not make this situation worse. Later I had received the second check (# 87310) from you that was also stopped when cashed and again I was billed an extra $7 for the inconvenience. I would now wish to be reimbursed a full $14 for your stopped checks and a new $75 that will be accepted. I would like to fix this inconvenience as soon as possible, preferably with little hassle. I have also written a letter to my bank and the city of this misunderstanding. I would greatly appreciate a new $75 check also a reimbursement of my $14. Please contact me if you need anything from me. Thank you for taking the time and understanding the situation. Sincerely,

Bob Student