Complaint and Service Users

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CU236P Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children's and young people's setting. 1.1
Duty of care in my own work role means that i am resposible for the welfare of myself and the service users i care for, to prevent accidents from happening and being responsible for other people's well being. As senior on duty i have a duty of care to keep the service users i care for safe and comfortable whilst taking into consideration their rights. I carry out risk assesments for within the home: for e.g. if the service user uses a zimmer frame, if the service user chooses to climb the stairs or if the service user wishes to go out. Risk assesments are checked every month and if needed they are updated. Also as senior i have to make sure that the carers carry out their daily tasks in a safe and dignifying manner towards the service users. 1.2

Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding and protection of individuals by preventing abuse, weather this be physical, sexual or emotional harmful ways. In our care setting we have a whistleblowing policy and a s.o.v.a policy that all staff can go to and get advice from it when safeguarding or protecting an individual to help keep thir respect and dignity preserved. 2.1

A dilemma could be that an individual chooses to not use their walking frame but their care plan says that they needs it to mobilise and that we have to ensure that we encourage them to use it all times, we need to explain to the individual the risks involved when they are not using the walking frame and ensure that they understand what you are explaining. We could compromise and let them use a different walking aid such as a stick and monitor the situation. All this needs to be recorded in their care plan along with a risk assesment for not using the walking aid. Another scenario could be that the individual chooses to climb the stairs instead of using the lift even though it states in the care plan that ther mobility is poor and...
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