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Topics: Danse Macabre, The Streets Pages: 8 (1050 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Dance Of The Women In Scarlet
Masked maiden fair and slender
walked among the hall of Lear, 
dressed in scarlet with skin of ivory splendor,
paused beneath the light of bright chandelier.  

A man of aristocracy, plump and draped with gold
wore a mask of a swinish sort,
suddenly caught a glimpse of beauty untold. 
A women in scarlet among the court. 

He embraced her and all her charms of death, 
he could not resist the final dance. 
With each twirl she laughed at his fading breath,
while the music changed with a sullen nuance. 

Her bony fingers clapped, rattling, filling him with dread,
while her voice filled the hall with the tone of the dead:
"Danse macabre!"
"Danse macabre!"

Whimpering fool, whose last cry of dismay
will go unheard. The court of worms call for all. 
Lovely skeleton still graceful with each sway, 
on the morrow will find another to call. 

Whose To Blame
The innocence of a child's questions,
always remain true.
Children with their sweet and pure
hearts a soft hue.
Listen to this story told
and watch the truth unfold. 

A frightened child, runs to daddy's side
screaming wild, and all to hide.
A face full of questions,
with no exceptions.

Daddy, daddy,
why is the world cold,
whose to blame? My child
the world, the people, 
it is a hideous game.

why is the world cruel,
whose to blame? My child
the world, the people,
all to whom love is tame.

why doesn't the world change its way ,
whose to blame? My child
the world, the people,
those that will always say the same.

My child
the world, the people always seeking 
reasons and others to blame.
Those that hide.
Those that stay quiet.
Those that choose to be the problem
rather than the solution.

Just remember my child,
the smallest of droplets,
can make the biggest
of waves.  

Dark Angel
So beautiful 
So bright
Singing songs of praise
All through the night
So wonderful
So holy
Everything done
Was for God's glory
Then the conception
Of endless power
Entered his mind
Turning his thoughts sour
He plotted against 
The one and only God
All his praise and worship
Were acts of a fraud
But God is all knowing
He caught onto his act
The once spotless angel
Turned black
His heart was hardened 
And down he fell
Into his own evil lair
The dark pits of hell

Once so beautiful 
Once so bright
Now he deceives you
Steals your life
Once so wonderful
Once so holy
Now everything he does
Is for his own glory
He has his own power
He makes his own rules
He's taking on God
In a head to head duel

He's fighting for your soul
He hopes to one day conquer
He's Heaven's dark angel
We know him as Lucifer

Explain Love
I would have to explain life,
Life is to be in constant giving
To strive to lift up another.
To welcome another's success
But not allow it to threaten
Your own success.
Love must be seen, felt
Not constantly told
Though much is given
When one is clearly told
To love is not to be broke
Or be a slave to another,
To love is to inspire, heal
And to embrace
The innermost parts
Of the spirit one wants to please.
To love is to share
To bear one's spirit
And as naked, expect
To be clothed by another

Above the Slums
I stalk the alley ways and garbage cans
of downtown Manhattan
like a cockroach
on nightly safari

antennae up

I crawl out
from lonely walls
searching dumpsters for unwanted trash ...
My eyes following bruised and bloody lips
chafed and cracked from chewing on broken bottles
of liquid dreams.

I stumble
tripping upon the unlaced, no faced boots
of M.I.A.'s lost in their whiskey fog
and left-over napalm nightmares.

Infants and mothers screaming ~
their shrieks scour the streets
searching for safer shelter ...
far away from me - far
far away from themselves.

My mouth puckers
counting the numberless mis-matched bodies
heaped against cardboard boxes
stuffed with...
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