Competitors of Reiss

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  • Published : March 22, 2011
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SWOT Analysis and Competitors

SWOT Analysis

|STRENGTHS |OPPORTUNITIES | |Effective online presence since re-launch with web design company Pod1 |In-store bar or refreshment facilities; | |(, 2007) |Dress-fitting service/ ladies’ tailoring- | |High level of customer service, with shopping experiences being declared|Exploit Reiss’s quality garment characteristic to benefit from AW | |“a masterclass in good customer service” (, 2010) |trends of ‘fashion investment’ pieces e.g. coats (Stone, 2010) | |Bridges the gap between high and low priced fashion |Enhance brand value and recognition e.g. through celebrity endorsement | |(, 2010) |Further development of sub-brands | |Many value-adding activities in store, most notably their personal |Provide a ‘Personal Shopping’ service (, 2010) | |tailoring service, an exclusive feature for a high street retailer |Capture the floating consumers that move between high street and | |(Wells, 2010) |designer brands (Pagano, 2008) | |High quality garments and packaging – ‘Design-led’ (Quinn, Hines and |Develop a Smartphone application and m-retailing capabilities to | |Bennison, 2007) |enhance accessibility for modern shoppers (Amed, 2010) | |Privately owned allowing greater flexibility (Pagano, 2008) |Government will be stable (Prisk, 2010) | |Online blog and updates e.g. celebrities wearing Reiss clothing |Expand further internationally | |Centralising large head office space enabling interaction between | | |departments (, 2008) | | |Constant flow of products through the store and update of stock | | |1971 sub-brand to attract younger consumers (, | | |2009) | | |THREATS |WEAKNESSES | |Economic pressure/continuing recession (, 2010) – could |Tailoring is for formal menswear only (, 2010) | |force David Reiss to sell shares of his business to external |Tailoring available in London only (, 2010) | |shareholders to release funds |Less defined market position between high & low price fashion | |New public spending budget cuts, further restricting consumers’ |potentially leading to reduced consumer loyalty (Quinn, Hines and | |disposable incomes (, 2010) |Bennison, 2007) | |1971 range could dilute the brand image and market positioning |Too directly focused on target consumer only, possible alienating new | |(Sabharwal, 2010) |customers (Moore and Murphy, 1993)...
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