Competitors at the Olympics Ought to Be Allowed to Use Anabolic Steroids?

Topics: Anabolic steroid, Drugs in sport, Carl Lewis Pages: 8 (2736 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Evaluate the argument of Julian Savulescu and his co-authors that competitors at the Olympics ought to be allowed to use anabolic steroids.

Nowadays, the world is being bombarded by the issue of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) utilisation especially at high level sports such as the Olympics level. Doping activities in sports have been a continuous plight towards athlete. Court actions are issued, title stripped off and worst is athletes’ involvements in sports are prevented forever. Dozens of athletes were tested positive for PEDs. Regardless the strict punishments that have been imposed, what drives athletes for doping? The promising glory might be the best answer for this. Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) is a form of synthetic chemical substances which is consumed in order to improve their performances in sports. There are few types of drugs being used by athletes such as Anabolic Steroids which is the most common drug being used, Human Growth Hormone, and Erythropoietin (EPO). Basically, these drugs improve athlete’s physical characteristics and endurance which make them stronger. For instance, anabolic steroids are normally used by those who involved in heavy sports, weight lifting, boxing, etc. This steroids can increase muscle mass, strength and to improve on muscle recovery. Meanwhile, EPO does a great job in improving the production of haemoglobin and to increase the rate of aerobic respiration.

However, in spite of their overwhelming popularity, the effectiveness is contentious. The utilisation of drugs in sports has raised many issues. The ethics of athletes and sport managements have been argued. If drugs are used for the sake of glory and fame, then what lacks here is the honesty that should be held by each athlete. The biotechnology inventions have demolished the moralities that should lie behind every sport. Another major issue that has been debated is the dangerous effects of these drugs on the health of the users. An international independent agency called World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established in 1999 to lead the worldwide collaboration campaign and effort in achieving doping-free practice in sports.

Still, there are some arguments saying that PEDs should be legal. According to Julian Savulescu, a professor of applied ethics at the University of Oxford, doping is not against the ethics of sports but he believed that it is part of the spirits of sports. The goal of the sports itself is to find the fastest, strongest and the most endurance athletes in the sports area that they involved in. Spectators are putting high expectations on athletes to give out their best performances. By years, training, coaching, equipment, diets and even medical supervisions are getting better but the world records are getting poorer. It is doubted that world performances will decline one day. Then, how far for the body of normal athletes to reach their maximum ability to break the records? Here comes the question on how to keep the sports interesting in front of the spectator’s eyes. In an interview made with the elite Olympics athletes, about 98% agreed to take PEDs if they were not caught. This is surprising but somehow shows that the athletes are now more ready to take a further step even with a high risk of getting caught or harmful health effects. Furthermore, under supervised amount of drugs used, doping is just another improvement in making training more effective. It does not violate and change the nature of the sports itself. The sports will still be able to be carried on using the same procedures and rules. It is only that the performances are now getting better. The athletes still have to train at their best to compete. However, this is not what is viewed by WADA. Doping would deteriorate the sports value of who would put in the most effort, assurance, discipline and other intrinsic values. Now, this will be more on drugs competition rather than finding the best athletes among those who...
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