Competitor Analysis Website & Thought Leadership

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Competitor analysis: Website & Thought leadership

Report by
Rashmi Singh (PGDM No: 10098)

Work carried out at
Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore, Karnataka

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of
Summer Internship Programme

Under the Supervision of
Mr. Ashish Shetty,
Marketing Lead, Insurance ISU,
TCS, Bangalore

SDM Institute for Management Development
Mysore, Karnataka, India
(June 2011)



This is to certify that Ms. Rashmi Singh, undergoing PGDM program 2010-12 at this institute has successfully completed the Summer Internship Programme on the project titled ―Competitor Analysis: Website and Thought Leadership‖ at TCS, Bangalore, from April 01, 2011 to May 31, 2011 as a partial requirement for completion of his PGDM curriculum.

Prof. Govinda Sharma
Internal Faculty Guide
SDM IMD, Mysore.

Date: 24/06/2011
Place: Mysore

Summer Internship Project

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I take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to our guides at Tata Consultancy Services, Mr. Ashish Shetty and Ms. Varsha Nair who spent a lot of time mentoring and guiding us. The insurance ISU was a completely new arena for us. We stumbled a fe w times, yet they have been very patient and supportive with us, always encouraging us to give our best.

I also thank the Academic relationship manager, TCS, Mr. Chandra Koduru, for helping us with the joining formalities and induction program.
I would also like to thank Prof. N. R. Govinda Sharma and Lt. Col. S. N. Prasad, our internship guides at SDM Institute for Management Development, for their constant encouragement and guidance during our internship.

Finally, I thank my team mates Chaitra B. and Muhammed Shafeeq for their inputs throughout the internsip.

Summer Internship Project

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Executive summary
In this era of digital marketing, a company‘s website and its thought leadership marketing are instrumental in differentiating it from the rest of the crowd. In B2B marketing, websites can be a potent marketing tool and can go a long way in generating leads as well as pose as a source of information about the company. This project involved comparing the websites of TCS and its competitors to assess the best practices and see where the TCS website can be improved. The websites were compared on parameters like search, usability, content and layout. A formal scoring mechanism was designed and wherever TCS didn‘t fare well, recommendations were given. It was found that the TCS search functionality could be enhanced with features like autocorrect, quick results, advanced search and refined selection etc. A proper menu for segments and offerings should be present and a dynamic panel capturing the highlights could be incorporated for better usability of the website. Similarly, it was recommended that the vacant white panels on both sides of the text on the TCS website could be used to showcase relevant related information like awards, events, recommended readings etc.

The IT industry is full of companies with big ideas; customers treat only a small number of these v endors as thought leaders. The constant innovation in the technology industry increases the importance of the ability to communicate success. The second half of the project involved researching about which of TCS‘s competitors are using what thought leadership channels and coming up with recommendations for the same. It was found that TCS could take quite a few steps in this regard such as start blogging to invite attention to its thought leadership content, increase activity on the social media circuit, form fruitful associations with universities and branded institutes, publish research journal papers and reprints of magazine articles, publish business books etc and most important of all reflect all this on their website.

Signature of Student

Signature of the supervisor

Rashmi Singh

Mr. Ashish...
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