Competitor Analysis: User Experience Design

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Competitor / best practice Analysis

Competitor Analysis is a process of gathering information about the competitors in order to improve the company position in the market. From its , the company will be able to identify who is their competitor and what the competitor capable of.

|COMPETITORS |DETAILS |WHO | |eBay Australia (Our client) | |All | |Amazon | |Heidy | |TVSN | |Anna | |Asos | |Anna | |Crazy Sales | |Ngim | |Deals Direct | |Ngim | |GraysOnline | |Heidy |

Competitor profile:
1. Amazon
• This website is one of popular shopping-online website based on America. • Just like eBay, Amazon sell a lot of things such as books, gadget, clothes, etc. • They sell both new and used.

• User can sell their products in it.

2. TVSN ( Television Shopping Network )
• It is an Autralian shopping-online website based on Sydney, Australia. • They introduce their self as 24/7 shopping place. • Not only from website, we can watch their product on television channel 176, on FOXTEL, AUSTAR or OPTUS.  • They sell well-known brands in departments such as Fashion, Health, Beauty, Kitchen, Electronics, Homewares, Collectables and Jewellery.

3. Asos ( As Seen On Screen )
• It is the biggest fashion and beauty online store in United Kingdom. • This website primarily for 16-34 year olds.

4. Crazy Sales
• It is a Australian online department store which provides good quality goods, by offering the opportunity to sell to direct to public this can helps with lowing the prices.

5. Deals Direct
• It’s a Australia’s discount online department store. • They sell everything from toys, manchester wine, electrical appliances, homewares, home furniture, outdoors, sports and fitness, apparel, floor rugs and more. • Their vision is “ To be The First, Favourite , Fastest , and The Most Fulfilling Place To Shop For Bargains”

6. GraysOnline
• It is an Australian owned online retail and Auction Company, which offer a huge range of consumer goods. • GraysOnline offers a wide range of products such as, electronics to furniture all the way to warehouse & forklifts. • Employing more than 400 employees throughout Australia & New Zealand which ensure that service is always at customer satisfaction level.

These competitor websites were chosen because they operate in a similar way that eBay does.

Feature List

The company websites listed in the features list are all competitors to our client (eBay). The main...
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