Competitiveness, Demographics and Legal System as the Example of Components of Business Environment in Lithuania

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102 BUS Business and Its Environment
Research Paper
December 13, 2012
Competitiveness, Demographics and Legal system as the example of Components of Business Environment in Lithuania
Business environment has a lot of internal and external components that directly influence how enterprises operate on the market. These components create opportunities for the businesses as well as challenges for its forward development. The Lithuanian business is not in the vacuum; it is dynamic and depends on the dynamic external factors, some of which are competitiveness, demographics and legal system.

Competitiveness is the external component of business environment which influences the operations of businesses in Lithuania. The first competition law in Lithuania appeared exactly after the establishment of sovereignty in 1992. Later, according to the new requirements of international organizations and Lithuanian implementations of the law, changes were added to the Competition Law step by step, article by article. The responsibility for the competition law is taken by the authorized officers of Competition Council, who are empowered to check whatever is needed for making sure that the Competitive law is not broken: land documents, activities, information stored in computers, written and verbal statements; also if it is needed the external experts can be involved in the process of regulation. Sanctions for breach of Law on Competition are pretty high; the fine can become from LTL 1,000 to LTL 100,000 (Competition Law). Such regulations and sanctions sound good for the protection of businesses, but unfortunately, they are more theoretical than practical. The unfair competition creates the big obstacle for the Lithuanian businesses. It includes the using of identical or even similar name or trade mark, low quality, not truthful information, spreading the secret information of competitors and breaking of the copyright laws (Competition Law). The simple example is the...
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