Competitive Priorities of Amul

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Definition of Operations Strategy:
Operations strategy is the total patterns of decisions and actions which set the role, objectives and activities of the operation so that they contribute to, and support, the organization’s business strategy.

Operations strategy addresses very broad questions about how these major resources should be configured to achieve the desired corporate objectives.

Some of the major long-term issues addressed in operations strategy include: * How big to make the facilities?
* Where to locate the facilities?
* When to build additional facilities?
* What type of processes to install to make the products?

Definition of Competitive Advantage & Competitive Priorities

Competitive advantage is term as the extra edge that a firm has over their industry peers (Reid and Sanders, 2005). The capability of a firm in managing their operation can be transform into their competitive advantage if there can identify and tap into their intangible resources.

Competitive priorities represent the strategic emphasis that a firm places on certain performance measures and operational capabilities within a value chain.

The key to developing a competitive OM strategy lies in understanding how to create value-added goods and services for customers. Specifically value is added through the competitive priority or priorities that are selected to support a given strategy. There are five key competitive priorities that translate directly into characteristics that are used to describe various processes by which a company can add value to its OM decisions including: * Cost

* Quality
* Delivery
* Flexibility
* Innovation


To be a market leader and stand above the competition are the goals of every business. As seen previously in manufacturing strategy, Amul employs one of the best practices for the manufacturing of its goods. It incorporates state-of-the-art...
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