Competitive Intelligence Predicament

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18 December 2010

Principles and Theories of Management
Submitted by: Group No. 5

Case Analysis No. 1: Competitive Intelligence Predicament

1. Central Problem
The central problem of the case is the possession of a competitor’s information that can be beneficial to the company in terms of competitive advantages.

2. Objective
The objective of the case is to be able to judge whether to utilize the provided information to the advantage of the company although wrongfully obtained.

3. Areas of consideration
Areas to be considered are the legality of the document obtained, the benefits of the information contained in the document, the manager’s reaction should the task is not accepted, higher managements point of view in such an action – do they tolerate or not, the legal consequences should the document be utilized, and the impact to the organization should the illegal act is found out. Also consider if this is a test of honesty for you – if you would accept to do the task.

4. Alternative Course of Action
The alternative course of action is simply not to utilize the information.

5. Recommendation
Competitors data obtained in an unethical manner, at worse illegally, is punishable by corporate laws. The recommended action is not to use the information. In most multinational companies a corporate compliance virtue is formed into each employee, wherein each decision made must be in accordance to what is legally right. Corporations with no established corporate virtue, had been fined, and at worst closed down due to unfair business practices. Sustainability of action should be kept as a core competency, wherein action taken at the moment should be beneficial to the organization in the long run. Short term advances are not worth the long term crisis an organization can face should the illegal act is brought...
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