Competitive Analysis Cango

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Competitive Analysis
February 21, 2010

Schettakka Davis
The Big Five, Inc.

This competitive analysis was conducted to aid in the development of CanGo, an online gaming website. This analysis focused on three competitors: Big Fish Games,, and
The existence of these competitors indicates that there is indeed a market for online gaming. All of these competitors offer free online game play, game downloads, chat rooms, club memberships, and some type of prizes. This suggests that CanGo may be benefit from extending the online gaming website to include these services.

Certain content functionality appears to be standard in this industry and should be included in the CanGo website: * Free Games/Chat rooms/Prizes/Club membership

Competitor 1: Big Dish Games (

Big Fish Games offers a vast array of downloadable games online, PC games, and games for Mac users. Special interest should be paid to the game community, forums and the way Big Fish Games encourages game developers to be a partnership with Big Fish Games by submitting their new downloadable game.

Products offered:
The genres of games offered whether downloadable or online include: * Puzzle/Hidden Object/Strategy/Word/Arcade/Action/Card/Board There are approximately over 150 free online games, hundreds of pay per downloads and a new title released every day. Technology used:

* Secure shopping cart
* Audio (Flash player, Active X, and Java Script)
* Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Mac OSX are the operating systems supported by Big Fish Games Search Functionality:
* For the PC games there is a Find a Game search for the game you would like to play. Ordering Options:
* Major credit cards are accepted
Supporting Content:
* Company Information/Help page/Terms and conditions
The greatest strength of this site is that the layout and design of the Big Fish Games website is very simple and easy to navigate.

Areas of Improvement:
The area of improvement centers mainly on the improvement of game selections for each age group. * Design more mature games for teens.
* If you want the cheapest prices on multiple games, you have to join a club that commits you to certain number of buys at least within a specified time period.

Competitor 2: (

Content/Functionality would be the ideal place for a avid online games to fulfill their game playing desires. They offer a variety of free downloads, downloads, at 75% off with 60 minutes trail of the game.

Products offered:

Genres of games include:

* Hidden Object/Time Management/Online Party/Puzzle

Technology used:
* Affiliate program which explains about the commission a person would get if they signed up for iWin iCoins. * Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 with patches are following the Internet browsers that are preferred when visiting * Audio Clips (Java)

Search Functionality:
* In the Support Center, there is a basic search and an advanced search. * Search for games using game categories or the search for games box. Ordering Options:
* Accepts major credit cards and debit cards
Supporting Content:
* Frequently Asked Questions/Privacy Policy/Terms of Service

The greatest strength of is that the site is easy to browse and has a high range of very entertaining colorful games for adults and children. Areas of Improvement:
The most significant issue would be to include a secure shopping cart that can be seen on every page. The shopping cart is not visible and customers will not know how to purchase game(s).

Competitor 3: (

Pogo offers a great variety of online games. They also offer downloadable games to those who would like to play games offline. Special interests should be focused on the tokens that online...
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