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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Project Report


Competitive analysis of Gini & Jony

Submitted by,
Anchal Sahu
Deepa Arthi S

International brands for kids wear:
We have taken five international brands for the competitive analysis. The brands are * Chicco
* Tommy Hilfiger
* United Color of Benetton
* Reebok Juniors
* Mother Care
SWOT Analysis:
S -Strength
W -Weakness
O -Opportunities
T –Threats
Chicco Brand:

Chicco is an Italian baby care brand established in 1958. Chicco specialize in making clothing and equipment for babies and toddlers. Chicco is a multinational company. Strength:
* Customers can get everything under one roof .i.e., Apparels, Nursing, Toys, Shoes, Jombynol(Both outdoor and indoor), Car seat(Outdoor). * Benefits & usage of the products are written nearby the product which makes the customer aware & how to use the product. * Customers are totally satisfied.

* Apparels and pram sells more
* Only high class and upper high class people are coming. * Store size is small in India i.e 1100 sq.ft.


* Nowadays more people are aware of this brand. So there is chance of increase in sales. * Now they are into ayurvedic products also for kids. Consumer actually need for babies without chemicals so there is a chance of increase in sales. Threats:

* Design of the entire layout is not changed more often so it gives the same look which doesn’t attract customers. * As the store is located in mall many competitors are there

Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion designer and founder of the premium lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. Tommy Hilfiger is an American company which is incorporated in Hong Kong.


* They exchange the product within one year.
* Welcoming gifts are provided for the children’s like chocolates. * As the shop is located in open market conversion rate is more.


* Small square feet area is available i.e 525 sq.ft
* No special visual merchandiser is available.
* No incentives are given to the sales person.
* It is a kids wear but no infants merchandise are available. Opportunities:
* Recently they have introduced Disney cartoon characters in the merchandise so there is more chance for them to increase in the sales. * Sales increase more if they include for infants also.

* As the store is located in open market many competitors are there. * As there is no special visual merchandiser available the VM may not be effective. United color of Benetton:

It is a global fashion brand of Benetton group S.P.A. based in Italy. Europe’s largest clothing manufacturer. UCB is the world biggest consumer of wool in the garment sector.


* They have more comic series i.e. Spiderman, Captain America, Superman, Batman. * Whenever they are giving discounts, offers only first three days for loyal customers. * More range of accessories like bags, Caps, Flip flop, Hair band, Barbie Wallets. * Visual merchandising is very attractive by using props. Weakness:

* Lack of knowledge of sales persons.
* No incentives to sales person.
* Lack of sizes in merchandise.
* If more sizes are provided the sales might increase more. * The square feet of the store is more if they use properly the sales may increase. * As they are using more cartoon characters in the merchandise the sales may increase. Threats:

* As the sales person is lacking of knowledge the consumer may not get aware of the product and there is chance of decrease in sales. Reebok juniors:

* Continuous information is given to the regular customers. * Rather than apparels they also provide cricket bat, ball, school bag, laptop bag, luggage bag, sunglass, slippers....
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