Competitive Advantages of Novartis

Topics: Organizational structure, Electronic business, Bureaucracy Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Executive Summary
In an effort to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage, the Novartis firm allocated resources toward developing and implementing a successful e-Business strategy. This presented analysis focuses on the following: •Using the Dynamic Resource Model to evaluate Novartis’ expected competitive advantage which included its e-Business strategy, the company’s necessary sustainability and the desire to align resources while competitive firms had not predicted the extent of Novartis in designing and implementing an e-Business strategy. •Timms employed a matrix organizational structure focusing on the re-alignment, centralization, and coordination of the Novartis firm thus allowing e-Business implementation to be both efficient and successful.

Team Global also analyzed the assessment of how organizational design, structure and process changes support the strategies at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. This assessment concludes the following: •Currently the University of Maryland at Baltimore differentiates itself through distinctive strategies by implementing a unique organizational structure that combines the advantages of small business units with virtual structures. •There are no layers between the University business units, the President and his team. The underlying result is this strategy is clear lines of sight for all Deans, administrative officers and managers. •Collective accountability devoted to developing alliances with individuals and groups mutually devoted to professional and graduate education, research, patient care, and public service, and aligning the University values. •The business units of the University can be organized in many different ways to meet priorities, even as they evolve over time. This gives the University enormous capacity to organize and reorganize in response to an ever-moving agenda and competitive environment. Introduction

Obtaining and sustaining a competitive advantage was the intent and...
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