Competitive Advantages

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Target Market
Business people – Families – Happy couples – High end singles which also refers to students and tourists Those are the target of our tavern. We choose these specific groups because they are the types of people who frequent other restaurant in the area. They are the groups of people who look and dine in, in each restaurant every single day. They are also the ones who are willing to spend their money for a good dining and service at a value price. Also now a day’s these people don’t have enough time to prepare food in their houses, and end up checking in a good restaurant in the area. One more factor is that these groups become more outgoing. They love going out with different people and socialize with them. Also these types of people enjoys going out because it serves as a “quality time” with one another. Competitive Advantages

Our competitive edge for our tavern is the environment or the atmosphere of the restaurant, the menu, the service and the chef. These are the factors that will differentiate us big time from our competitors. We evaluate every single detail in each factor. From all of these competitive advantages we choose the three strongest competitive advantages for our restaurant which are the Environment, the service and the chef. First, we have the environment, Despite of having numerous of competitors in this area we still came up of advantages that will make our customers come again and again. For our environment or atmosphere, we will be having a cozy atmosphere. We will be having warm decors and lightning all around the place. The place as it was said earlier will be inspired by Greece. The customers once they enter the door they will feel and sees that as if they are in Greece. We will be also providing comfortable furniture like tables and chairs. We believe that this is one of the important things in a restaurant because customers look as well for being comfortable while having their meal. They can’t eat well they are not sitting...
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