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1.Dominos and Pizza Hut are both fierce
2.competitors in the contemporary cultured market. Both have been competing on
4.the same niche market that has same market
5.demographic characteristics and hence
6.comparison between the two is based on a
7.leveled ground. Today, many people take their
8.pizzas more seriously to an extent that they
9.would rather die queuing for their favorite food. For lovers of Pizza, it is either
11.Dominos or Pizza Hut, and if not, none. This
is an expression on the way in which both
companies have been able to craft a market
niche for their products. Comparing between
the two, Pizza Hut remains favorite in due to
its product quality and pricing.
Dominos Pizza, Inc. is a pizza delivery
company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan,
United States. The company was founded in
1990 and it is ranked as the second largest
pizza chain in the United States (Dominos).
Currently, the company has a franchise of
more than 9,000 corporate and franchised
stores, which are located in more than 60
international markets (Dominos). The
company operates in all 50 states in the
United States (Dominos). Domino's Pizza
was sold in 1998 and the company went
public in 2004. The company menu mainly
features pizza, pasta, over-baked
sandwiches, wings, boneless chicken, salads,
and others.
Pizza Hut, Inc. is a leading American
restaurant chain that offers different kinds of
pizzas. The company was founded in 1958
by two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, in
Wichita, Kansas (Pizza Hut). With an initial
capital of $600, the company opened the first
Pizza parlor in the region that has grown to
the restaurant giant it is today (Pizza Hut).
The company also sells side dishes like
pasta, Buffalo wings, breadsticks, garlic
bread, and many others. Pizza Hut is based
in Addison, Texas but it is currently in the
process or relocating to Legacy Office Park in
Plano. It is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands,
Inc., which is the largest world's restaurant
company operating in more than 34,001
restaurant and delivery centers in more than
100 countries (Pizza Hut). Pizza Hut has
different restaurant formats. Pizza Hut
Express and The Hut are the main locations
for fast foods including pizza (Pizza Hut).
These two offers limited menu products.
The starting point for this comparison would
be on the product itself. Starting with the
crust or the base, both companies have good
quality standards. Dominos has pleasant
standard crusts, with wheat flavor to it and it
tends to have soft, doughy side. However,
this depends with customer preferences.
There are people who prefer doughier crust
while others may find not appetizing at all.
On the other hand, Pizza Hut has pretty much
same standards but it tends to be crispier
compared to Dominos. Pizza Hut pizzas can
sometimes have burned edges. This means
that there is a difference in pizza baking
process between the two pizza makers. Most
probably, Dominos pizzas are baked for
shorter times or at lower temperatures while
Pizza Hut bakes for longer or at higher
temperatures (Dominos). Dominos soft crust
is usually less greasy compared to Pizza Hut.
However, both companies offer plenty of
crust options from where one can choose
depending on individual taste. Whether one is
looking for deep dish, hand tossed, or crispy,
they both offer a wide range bases that one
can use to build the pie upon. Comparing
topping of the pizzas, both Dominos and
Pizza Hut's sauces are standard tomato
sauce. Neither of them is sweet or bitter and
they have the correct amount of spice and
Another important factor of comparison
between the two would be on cost.
Considering the fierce competition between
the two pizza kings, their pricing strategy is
mainly geared towards ensuring that they
align their products to this competition. One
of the featured pricing for both companies is
that they tailor their price to...
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