Competition Is Distructive Force in Society...(Please Do Help Me Improve Writing and Do Check My Essay))

Topics: Competition, Life, Religion Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Competition is destructive force in a society.

The word competition means a group of individuals trying to achieve same goals. Completion among living beings was there since existence of living being, but may people argue that completion is destructive force in society. Completion is there within every creature including human beings. Competition must be there in society because if there is no competition in society among individuals there won’t be any developments of the country and happiness of the citizens’ and economic growth of country won’t be there. In this essay I will discuss the effects of having competition in society. There won’t be anyone who has never competed in life to achieve ones goal. Everyone compete in life to make their life successful. Some they compete for job, education, and even compete for their life partners. We don’t notice ourselves competing, but we do compete every single minute, hour and day. One must see competition is created in many positive ways in society. Without competition there won’t be any new invention of new technologies. Competition is driving force for the creation of better living and be more perfect. Every citizen compete each other to make their living. When the living standards of peoples are improved gradually the economic growth and development of country will be there. If we think of country like Bhutan we must have lots of competition among society to further develop our country and make our country independent. If there is no completion in our country the philosophy of our fourth king (GNH-gross national happiness) will not be fulfilled. So, to make better world competition is acceptable in society. On other hand competition is destructive force in society because every one competes to be better and it creates lots of misunderstanding and discrimination among relatives, friends, and family so, even creates more inconvenience in society. When there is completion between big companies there will be lots...
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