Competition in Nepalese Telecommunication Sector

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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* Telecommunication :
Telecommunication is a communication at a distance by technological means, particularly means based on electrical signals or electromagnetic waves. It is the transmission of signals over long distance. A telecommunication system consists of three basic elements: a transmitter that takes information and converts it to a signal; a transmission medium that carries the signal; and, a receiver that receives the signal and converts it back into usable information. * History of telecom industries in Nepal:

Even though the world history of telecommunication dates back to late 1800 A.D, the history of telecommunication sector in Nepal began only around B.S 1970 and the formal telecom service was provided mainly after the establishment of “Mohan Akashwani” in B.S. 2005. Later as per the plan formulated in first national five year plan (2012-2017), telecommunication department was established in B.S 2016 and this telecommunication department was converted into Telecommunication Development Board in B.S 2026 to modernize the telecommunication services and to expand the services during third five year plan (2023-2028). After the enactment of Communications Corporation Act 2028, it was formally established as fully owned Government Corporation called Nepal Telecommunications Corporation in B.S. 2032 for the purpose of providing telecommunications services to Nepalese People. With the unprecedented innovations in the field of telecommunication services and rapid telecommunication development in the world, Nepal Government felt that only their resources and efforts would not be enough to fulfill the steadily increasing demand of telecommunication services in Nepal. Thus, taking this scenario into account, Government of Nepal formulated National Communication Policy 1992 which envisaged the concept of encouraging private sector for participating in providing telecommunication...
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