Competition in America

Topics: Competition, Monopoly, United States Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Competition is The American Way
Competition is the driving force of all Americans which is why we are the world’s strongest nation. Competition is when a group of people compete to see who the best in a certain situation. It can be as little as eating or as big as the super bowl. We compete in everything we do like jobs, sports, money, almost everything requires competition. Today, everybody wants to be the best so that they can have the most success in their certain field. Even our economy is based on competition between companies to see who can get the most customers and in the end make the most money. Some competitions are just to see who the best is at a certain sport, which is why we have championships to see who is the best team or the best player. Competition is necessary because it creates incentive for people to work harder and strive to do things that exceed our expectations.

An example of this would be the Super Bowl. Many Americans love the game of football and pay high dollar to see their favorite team or athletes play. Football was created in America and gives its fans a sense of past time and tradition. Since it is such a successful industry, athletes train all of their lives just to get the chance to stand out from the others in hopes of someday making it big and going into the NFL. As the years have progressed, we have seen more records broken and some outstanding athletes. The idea of being the best is engraved into these players’ heads and they will stop at nothing to get to the top. Every team wants to be the best so that they can be the world champion which is worth more than any amount of money to most of the players. This just shows that competition is so engraved into our society that we will do anything to be known as the best.

Americans apply the framework of competition into everything because it is an essential part of America. Our economy is free market or capitalistic, which means everybody is competing to be the best and...
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